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well here ane want to give info, beli tas online info about the blue whale as a whole gan please look at:


Spoilerfor Fact 1:


Bloody Blue Whale Heat and breathing with lungs


Gan Blue Whale blue whale is not a fish that has the same warm-blooded lungs like other mammals, that is why the pope likes nyundul ngehirup to the water for oxygen, ga gan know every time nyundul up water nyelamnya long time really, because the lungs doi 5000 liters of air accommodate tablets



Spoilerfor Fact 2:


Very Large Sized Blue Whale


Weight or volume size is very, very large whale gan, his liver or liver also weighs 450 Kg gan, ga how big the size of the body weight Bongsor can also reach 181 tons, and a length between 81 feet - 100 feet more, which still make agan ane confused love yah body image approximate length:

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